8th edition

Infinite musical paths across Milan and its neighborhoods

For three days pianos will invade houses, yards, stations, roofs, farmsteads, museums, schools, libraries, laboratories, parks. Music won't stop from the sunset to the dawn and from the dawn until the sunset in a continuous love declaration for the piano, its music and for the city of Milan.

It is no easy feat to describe in a few words the poetics of a festival, almost impossible to narrate a city, and a truly titanic enterprise to summarize Piano City Milano, a name encompassing places, communities, histories, architectures, hopes, projects and even some legends in each and every one of its performances.

In this site you will find our story along with a few suggestions, but the best advice we can give you is to just wander, follow your instincts and choose according to genre, artist or place, thus building your own 2019 Piano City Milano.

A few cardinal points, so as not to lose your way: we still have two Piano Centers, a daytime one in the garden of the GAM-PAC department, and a nighttime one at the Palazzina Liberty. We will continue to offer nonstop music, throughout the night as well as at sunrise. You may decide to build your own route through the city by following our musical advice or be inspired by neighborhood-specific itineraries or even yet leave town to attend our Fuori Porta concerts.

We suggest you explore Milan on foot, by public transport or by bike. In our program section you will find a detailed description of each concert (divided as per usual in House and Courtyard, City, Kids and Guest). If you find yourself overwhelmed by the array of options on offer, don’t worry, we are happy to offer additional suggestions and support through our social media. Have a happy Eighth edition, and happy #pianomi2019.

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